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Barrie 2007 Fair Trade Project


To hold 24 Fair Trade events in a small market and measure the sales of Fair Trade products, year over year (2007/2006). Total sales would be reported, compared to national averages, and used for press releases. Challenges would also be issued to other communities to exceed the success of this project.

Target Market

All twenty four events will be held in the Barrie area. Barrie is a small city, population 125,000, located about 75 Km north of Toronto.


Twenty four events (2 per month) will be scheduled through 2007. The proposed events would be held in grocery stores, health food stores, churches, libraries, schools and Georgian College. Events would include product demos, (example: brewing and serving coffee), seminars and an event scheduled for Fair Trade Week in May 2007.


Participating product suppliers have agreed to provide the Barrie Fair Trade Working Group with data on the sales of their products, to their retail and other outlets, in this market for 2007 and for 2006. Data would ideally be in the form of Kilograms or Pounds.

Barrie, Fair Trade Working Group website

This Barrie Fair Trade Working Group website barriefairtrade.com provides a description of the program, contact information, a list of where Fair Trade products can be purchased, a list of upcoming events, and periodically a review of the project.

Final Report

In January, 2008, suppliers will be asked to submit data on sales for 2007 and 2006 for their customers in the target market.

A report will be produced that lists total sales for each year. The growth will be compared to the national data supplied by Trans fair Canada.

The report will also describe each event, evaluate its success and make recommendations for future events.

The final report will be supplied to all participants, Trans fair Canada, and sent to all Fair Trade organizations in Canada. The report will also be available on this website.

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