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What's New in 2009

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Goes Fair Trade — On Aug. 25, 2009 Cadbury announced that by summer 2010 all Dairy Milk bars in Canada, Australia and New Zealand will display the Fair Trade Certification logo. Cadbury's commitment to Fair Trade became evident earlier this year with the introduction of Fair Trade certified Dairy Milk bars in the UK and Ireland. Their Canadian sales of 22 million bars sold annually, will significantly improve the lives of 40,000 farmers in Ghana. For more information visit www.canada.cadbury.com.
  • Starbucks goes 100% Fair Trade with Espresso, Cappuccino and Lattes in UK. All Starbucks stores in England, Ireland and Scotland now use only Fair Trade coffee in their Espresso machines.
  • Hamley's Tea and Coffee have introduced Fair Trade coffee to the Barrie Farmer's Market for the summer months
  • The LCBO has introduced Fair Trade wine to their stores. Two brands listed are Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 from South Africa and Las Lomas Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 from Chile.
  • In the USA, Wal-Mart has introduced several blends of Starbucks Fair Trade coffee to allow Starbucks to achieve their commitment of doubling their volume of Fair Trade sales in 2009
  • Neighbours outlets in the south and north of Barrie are now offering a Fair Trade coffee and soft drinks containing Fair Trade tea.
  • Second Cup has introduced a certified Fair Trade coffee.
  • Cineplex Theatres in Barrie's south end, now serves Chaqwa Fair Trade Coffee.
  • President's Choice has introduced three new blends of Fair Trade coffee. African, Indonesian, and Latin American.
  • Zehr's now stocks Equita Fair Trade rice.
  • The Barrie Children's Aid Society has switched to Fair Trade coffee for their office use.
  • The City of San Francisco has been declared a Fair Trade Town
  • Starbucks (the largest Fair Trade purchaser in the world) has committed to double it's Fair Trade purchase volume in 2009.
  • A new Café called The Karma Market Place has opened in Penetang. They will promote Fair Trade coffee and tea. For more information contact Erin at 705-549-5999.

2009 Events

  1. GEAR (Georgian Students for Environmental Awareness and Research) provided Free Fair Trade coffee each Monday morning in the foyer of the Georgian College Library. Travel mugs were required as disposable cups were not available.
  2. January 25th, Huronia Symphony concert at Central United Church. Fair Trade coffee courtesy of Hamley's Tea and Coffee. See photo
  3. February 5th, Georgina College Think Series, Film night supported with Fair Trade coffee and information table.
  4. February 5th, The Green Exhibit at Georgian College featured the art of Katie Sage and poetry reading by Bryce McDonald. Fair Trade coffee is provided.
  5. February 6th, Bob Jowett, of the BFTWG gives a talk on Fair Trade to the YMCA International Program Group in Toronto.
  6. February 7th, 2009, Winterfest Pancake breakfast was held at Central United Church. Fair Trade coffee provided courtesy of Van Houtte.
  7. February 11th and 12th, Grandparents Tea at Codrington Public School, organized by teacher Haily Mills and her students. Stephanie Wolfe of the BFTWG gave a talk about Fair Trade.
  8. February 28th, The Living Green Symposium at the Barrie Public Library included a Fair Trade presentation by Bruce Morton.
  9. March 8th, Huronia Symphony Concert at Collier Street United Church, Fair Trade coffee supplied by Hamley's Tea and Coffee See photo
  10. March 28th, Earth Hour event, Barrie City Hall Rotunda. Fair Trade Display table was staffed by Bob Jowett and Stephanie Wolfe. See photo
  11. April 5th , The Living Green Symposium at the Barrie Public Library included a Fair Trade presentation by Bruce Morton.
  12. April 19th, The Stephen Lewis Foundation, Grandmothers to Grandmothers organization holds their annual meeting with guest speaker Aileen Carroll. Fair Trade coffee was supplied with the assistance of Ingi Gould and Rita Leddy. See photos
  13. April 25th, The MacLaren Art Centre holds spring registration for their children's art school. The Radio Café provides free Fair Trade coffee all morning. Information table staffed by Bruce Morton and Rita Leddy. See photo.
  14. May 1st, Hamley's Tea and Coffee at Minets Pt., launches Fair Trade Weeks promotion with road sign and Barrie Examiner announcement. See Photos.
  15. May 1st, Nutrition Plus launches Fair Trade Weeks promotion with Ad in the Barrie Advance.
  16. Marty's Coffee Bistro, on Cundles Road, launches Fair Trade promotion with road sign. See Photos.
  17. May 3rd, Huronia Symphony concert meets with the Georgian Bay Symphony at Fisher Auditorium. Free Fair Trade Coffee for all. See Photos.
  18. May 3rd, St. Mary's Catholic Church, coffee sale and information table after Mass.
  19. May 4th, St. Joan of Arc, Sandra Junkin begins including Fair Trade Facts to daily St. Joan Of Arc High School announcements.
  20. May 4th, City of Barrie officially passes By Law that includes Fair Trade in City of Barrie Purchasing Policy.
  21. May 5th to May 10th, Starbucks brews Fair Trade coffee at all three Barrie stores.
  22. May 6th, Bruce Morton give Fair Trade presentation to City of Barrie Purchasing Staff.
  23. May 7th, Barrie Public Library, free coffee and information table 9 am till noon. See Photos.
  24. May 8th, Fair Trade Day promotions at Barrie Central Collegiate
  25. May 9th, Bayfield Mall promotion with the Barrie Learning Centre, B's Café, Sean Rotham and Bob Jowett. See Photos.
  26. May 9th, Georgian Mall promotion with Timothy's, Ingi Gould, Stephanie Wolfe and Bruce Morton. See Photos.
  27. May 10th, Central United Church, Fair Trade promotion with Peter Sullivan.
  28. May 10th, Collier St. United Church Fair Trade promotion with Bruce Morton. See Photos.
  29. May 11th, Barrie City Hall, Fair Trade coffee and information table all day, Ingi Gould, Becky Johnson, Bob Jowett and Bruce Morton. See Photos.
  30. May 11th, Roger's TV interview with Bob Jowett of the Barrie Fair Trade Working Group.
  31. May 12th, Meeting with Simcoe County Public School Board to discuss Fair Trade promotion, Stephanie Wolfe and Bruce Morton
  32. May 13th, St. Mary's Church Film Night, "Black Gold" organized by Becky Johnson. See Photos.
  33. May 15th, Costco and Williams Sperivent begin two week promotion of Fair Trade coffee with 10' X10' booth. See Photos.
  34. May 16th, Zehrs, launches region wide sales to promote Fair Trade, including Bayfield St. store demo. See Photos.
  35. May 26th, Barrie North Collegiate promotes Fair Trade as part of Student Voice Day. See Photos.
  36. May 26th, Bruce Morton give a talk on Fair Trade to the Barrie Huronia, Rotary Luncheon. See Photos.
  37. May 8th, Pope John Paul II School Fair Trade Day includes sale of Ten Thousand Villages crafts.
  38. May 8th, Emma King Elementary School, Fair Trade Day with product displays, contests and other events.
  39. May 30th, Barrie Living Green includes Fair Trade promotion with the help of Sean Rootham
  40. June 6th, Kiwanis Club of Barrie promotes Fair Trade coffee at Celebrate Barrie on Kempenfelt Bay.
  41. June 28th, Simcoe County Artists Studio Tour. The BFTWG participated in the this year's studio tour by providing Fair Trade coffee and an information table at the Hillsdale Studio. See Photos.
  42. July 25th, Patrick Brown MP Annual BBQ. This year's BBQ at Sunnidale Park include free Fair Trade coffee and hot chocolate for everyone. See Photos.
  43. August 2nd, Rotary Kempenfest Pancake Breakfast. The annual breakfast at Kempefest attracts approximately 500 individuals. This year's event was sponsored by with Fair Trade coffee from Hamley's Tea & Coffee of Barrie. See Photos.
  44. August 1st to 4th, Kiwanis Kempenfest Snack bar Fair Trade Promotion. Throughout Kempenfest, Kiwanis served Fair Trade coffee at the their snack bar and promoted Fair Trade with signs.
  45. Sept. 2nd and Tuesday Sept. 3rd, Simcoe County District Secondary School Board Professional Development Days. The secondary school teachers in the public board are held two professional development days Wed. Sept 2nd at Eastview Secondary and Thur. Sept 3rd at Nantyr Shores Secondary. The BFTWG was invited to provide an information table 9am till noon each day. See Photos.
  46. Sept. 8th. Georgian College, Student Orientation. The Student Administrative Council (SAC) supplied 1000 travel mugs to new Georgian College students. The travel mugs carry only the Fair Trade logo and the SAC logo. Transfair Canada contributed $1500 to this project. Fair Trade was also promoted by WUSC, The World University Service Council, that provided an information table. See Photos.
  47. Sept. 19th, The City of Barrie, Historic Neigbourhoods celebration was held at Centennial Beach. The City of Barrie invited the BFTWG and members Sean Rootham and Peter Sullivan provided an information table and coffee. See Photos.
  48. Sept. 23rd, Georgian Bay Municipal Purchasing Co-operative Meeting. The City of Barrie Purchasing department invited the BFTWG to attend this years meeting of municipal purchasing managers. Bob Jowett gave a talk on Fair Trade and provided Fair Trade coffee and tea.
  49. Sept 28th, The Human Rights Committee of the Simcoe County OSSTF (Ontario Secondary School Teachers Foundation). The BFTWG was invited and Bruce Morton gave a talk to the Human Rights Committee to help them promote Fair Trade products in Simcoe County schools.
  50. Oct. 9th, Barrie Green Party, Green Living Awareness Event at Barrie Methodist Church. Author Mike Nickerson talked about his new book "Life, Money & Illusion: Living on Earth as if we want to stay". Fair Trade coffee and information table with Bob Jowett provided by the BFTWG.
  51. Oct. 22nd. The Georgian College, SAC Respect Campaign includes a Fair Trade Promotion.
  52. Oct. 23rd. Barrie North Collegiate, Free The Children Coffee House and Fund Raising Event. Bruce Morton makes presentation to students. BFTWG provides coffee. See Photos.
  53. Oct. 24th. Transition Town Meeting at Barrie City Hall includes Fair Trade coffee and information table. Sean Rootham and Bob Jowett are hosts.
  54. Oct. 24th. Grandmothers to Grandmother Fund Raising dinner at Woods Park includes Fair Trade coffee and information table. Hosted by Ingi Gould and Bruce Morton. See Photos.
  55. Oct. 25th, The Fisher Auditorium, Barrie Central Collegiate. The Huronia Symphony and Barrie rock band Code Blue, teamed up with the theme "Rock Goes to the Movies." Fair Trade coffee and information table provided by the BFTWG. Hosted by Peter Sullivan and Bruce Morton. See Photos.
  56. Nov. 3rd. St. Joseph's High School Religious Education Program includes Fair Trade Workshop organized by Bob Jowett.
  57. Nov. 6th and 7th. Barrie Folk Festival at Georgian College. Grandmothers to Grandmothers sold Fair Trade coffee.
  58. Nov. 10th. Catherine of Sienna Elementary School Fair Trade Workshop with Social Justice Group. Bruce Morton participated.
  59. Nov. 10th. Fair Trade presentation to the Barrie Labour Council
  60. Nov. 14th and 15th. The annual Just Gifts Fair is held at St. Mary's Church. This large fair results in significant sales of Ten Thousand Villages Fair Trade Crafts as well as lots of Fair Trade Chocolate, Coffee and Tea.
  61. Nov. 14th and 15th, the Barrie Living Green organization met at Sunnidale Park to launch their Garden Building project for 2010. Fair Trade coffee was provided by Stephanie Wolfe.
  62. Nov. 24th. YMCA presents the BFTWG with the 2009 Peace Medallion Award for increasing Fair Trade awareness in the Barrie community. Following the award presentation, the YMCA promotes their pro peace activities with a Pancake Breakfast. See Photos.
  63. Nov. 29th. The Barrie Downtown Neighbourhood Assoc. holds an awareness and promotion event. Fair Trade coffee is provided and Bob Jowett hosts.
  64. Dec. 8th. Georgian College environmental advocacy group GEAR holds awareness event in the Foyer of the college library. Fair Trade coffee is provided.
  65. Dec. 9th. Barrie Labour Council holds Open House. Fair Trade coffee and tea are served and the BFTWG is invited to provide an information table. Bob Jowett attends.
  66. Dec. 20th. The Huronia Symphony Christmas Concert is held at Central United Church. Peter Sullivan and Bruce Morton are on hand to serve Fair Trade Coffee. See Photos.

Visit our gallery for photos of the above events.

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