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The resources provided below, as PDF documents and website links, have been developed by other groups to help promote Fair Trade. They include a number of specific lesson plans aimed at different age groups. Some of the resources have been developed within Canada, the remainder within the UK. Note that, broadly speaking, the UK Key Stage 2 (KS2) is equivalent to Junior and Key Stage 3 (KS3) to Intermediate.

Where stated, resources are subject to copyright — in the majority of cases, material can be used provided the original source is acknowledged. Please respect copyrighted material.


Fair Trade Chocolate Campaign Action Pack developed by Global Exchange

Fair Trade vs. Conventional Trade Student Resource Sheet and Case Studies

The Supermarket Tour — Ontario Public Interest Research Group

An overview of where food comes from, what it contains, and who profits. Alternatives to "business as usual" are suggested. These include purchase of Fair Trade products and other suggestions that are arguably healthier for both consumers and producers.

Fairtrade School Handbook — Education Project Time for Change (Leeds, UK)

An introduction to Fair Trade for schools developed for schools in Leeds, UK — a Fair Trade City. The handbook details how Fair Trade can be introduced into the curriculum and includes lots more website links, case studies, and ideas for activities.

Education for Global Citizenship; A Guide for Schools — Oxfam GB

Oxfam's "Curriculum for Global Citizenship" outlines the knowledge, skills, and values children need to become responsible global citizens. The guide provides an indication of expected progression from kindergarten to aged 19.

Fairtrade in Your School ED1, April 2005 — The Fairtrade Foundation UK

A straightforward overview of Fair Trade and how it can be introduced into schools, including simple and effective ideas for putting together a Fair Trade Assembly and Fair Trade Lesson.

Fair Trade Fundraising event of a school in Mississauga featured in Toronto Sun

UK Co-Op

The UK Co-Op operates a large number of mini-markets throughout England. The organization has been highly proactive in promoting Fair Trade products taking initiatives such as making all it's own brand coffee and chocolate Fair Trade, selling Fair Trade bananas and wine, and advertising Fair Trade on prime time TV. In addition, the organization has developed the following resources:

Co-Op FT Guide

The guide introduces the Co-Op and its involvement with Fair Trade.

Fairtrade Town Pack

The pack provides a guide to getting involved in the development of Fair Trade Towns. As well as information about Fair Trade, the Co-Op, and the Fair Trade Town initiative, the pack provides an action toolkit.

Fairtrade School Pack

All you need to bring Fair Trade into your school. An abundance of material including lesson plans for numerous subjects — including Numeracy!

Coffee Report

The report provides an introduction to the problems with the current trade in coffee. Initiatives taken by Oxfam and the Co-Op to promote Fair Trade coffee are also outlined.

Chocolate Report

The report discusses the present cocoa trade and uses case studies to highlight the difference that Fair Trade can make.



An article - "Learning about Fair Trade".


Are you looking for a fundraising source that is 100% fair, green and social for your school? Check out the web site of Equita or their Catalogue.

Trading Fairly In Our World

The link provides a full Social Studies Unit for Grade 6 students produced by the Eastern Ontario Catholic Curriculum Cooperative.

Cocoa Camino

Teaching resources focusing on cocoa and chocolate from a Canadian perspective are provided on this website host by the Ottawa based La Siembra Cooperative.


Linked to the UK's highly successful Comic Relief program and Dubble chocolate bars (occasionally available in Canada from Ten Thousand Villages), the website provides information and lesson plans on the chocolate industry. Don't miss the interactive guides on the front page of the website.

Oxfam Educational Resources

Oxfam has long been a principle supporter of Fair Trade and has produced a large number of educational resources. Many of these resources are available directly from this link.

Fair Trade In Norfolk

The Fair Trade Town initiative is well established in the UK and many towns, cities, and regions have developed websites containing useful resources. This website provides interesting lesson plans for schools new to Fair Trade as they allow for development of resources for future use.

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