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Includes an update on the Fair Trade Movement in Canada, the banana and rice markets and gender inequality problems that are ongoing. For details read the Fair Trade Magazine Online.

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Barrie Qualifies As A Fair Trade Town

Barrie Celebrates Fair Trade

On Monday May 10th, 2010, with the approval of City Council, the City of Barrie qualified as a Fair Trade Town. Achieving Fair Trade Town status sent a message to Canadians and the rest of the world that Barrie is committed to supporting the Fair Trade movement that has produced measureable improvements in the quality of life of millions of individuals in the developing world. By 2016, 1855 Fair Trade Towns had been established around the world. For more information visit

Fair Trade Wines Available at the Barrie LCBO

  • Six Hats, Chenin Blanc from South Africa, $7.50 for 750 ml.
  • Place in the Sun, Shiraz from South Africa. $12.95 for 750 ml.
  • Trivento Fair Trade, Malbec from Argentina, $11.95 for 750 ml.
  • Santa Digna, Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile, $14.95 for 750 ml.
  • Frisky Zebras, Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa, $8.90 for 750 ml.
  • Frisky Zebras, Shiraz from South Africa, $8.90 for 750ml

If you would like to participate, please contact us

  1. Bruce Morton, Phone 705-722-0141, email:
  2. Bob Jowett, Phone 705-220-6370, email:

National and International Fair Trade News

What's New

Innisdale Secondary School Canada's 16th Fair Trade School
On May 11th, 2017 Barrie's Innisdale Secondary School qualified as a Fair Trade School. The project was initiated by the Grade 12 students in the Equity and Social Justice Class taught by teacher Eleanor Alexander and then adopted by the school's Social Justice Club supervised by teacher Tracey Aylesworth. In the photo below, from left to right are Isabel, Natasha, Bob Jowett of Fair Trade Barrie, James and Principal Dawn Stephens.

2018 Fair Trade Events Schedule

  1. Jan. 6th Mayor Jeff Lehmann’s New Year’s Levee at City Hall. Coffee served by Fair Trade Barrie.
  2. March 23rd, Students at Innisdale Secondary School (A Fair Trade School) serve FT coffee to staff.
  3. March 28th, 7 PM to 9 PM. Ontario Greens Leader Mike Schreiner speaks at the Creative Space, 12 Dunlop St. E. Fair Trade Barrie serves the coffee.
  4. May 12th, World Fair Trade Day, Fair Trade Barrie serving coffee at the Barrie Public Library.
  5. June 2nd, Celebrate Barrie on Barrie’s waterfront. Fair Trade Barrie will provide coffee and bananas.

Barrie Fair Trade Retailers and Cafés

The number of stores and cafés selling Fair Trade certified products in Barrie has increased significantly. Here is a summary:

2002, one store in Barrie sold Fair Trade products.
2010, the year of Fair Trade Town qualification, 41 stores (28 retail and 13 cafés).
2015, 121 stores, 62 carrying 2 or more types of Fair Trade products.

The link below provides details on all 121 outlets:
View PDF for details.

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